Why Grainite?

Existing application infrastructure falling short?

The status-quo approach of piecing together multiple products to build streaming data applications, is riddled with challenges and makes life harder for developers and operators alike.

Watch how status-quo architecture falls short
Benefits of Grainite

Give your business a competitive edge

Choose a platform with a novel approach and streamlined architecture

Developer Productivity

  • Simplify application development with a modern architecture and a single API
  • Expedite application delivery by focusing on business logic
  • Avoid tool sprawl with built-in microservices messaging and orchestration

Operational Simplicity

  • Obtain reliable performance with an auto-scaling cluster that adapts to traffic spikes
  • Reduce downtime by not having to reshard data when the workload profile changes
  • Easily track application behavior with built in monitoring and observability

Ease of Adoption

  • Flexible deployment to public or private clouds using Kubernetes
  • Efficiently utilize resources with ability to independently scale storage and compute
  • Out-of-the-box support for Kafka producers and the Kafka Connect ecosystem

Accelerate your real-time application journey

Increased speed to application modernization
Leapfrog competition by acting upon real-time data
Tackle new projects with resultant cost savings

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