Real-time data synchronization between MongoDB instances

Wednesday August 30, 2023 | 10 AM Pacific

Cloud Migration and Application Modernization are two of the main digital transformation initiatives that necessitate organizations to undertake large data synchronization projects. In such cases it is paramount to keep the applications at both the source and sink side running without disruption.

While options exist to replicate data between two databases, enabling real-time and bi-directional sync between databases, that are receiving independent writes, is hard.

This is where Grainite excels. In this webinar we will cover

  • Grainite's architecture and our differentiators in enabling real-time data sync
  • Setup, configuration and the ease with which anyone can get started
  • How to extend this to other databases

We will also address any questions you might have. Please register.


Gautam Mulchandani
Director of Field Solutions, Grainite

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