Customer 360

Real-time view of customer's journey with your brand
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Customer interactions with brands have grown multifold. They might browse the website, visit the store, chat with a rep, and eventually buy from a mobile app. It is critical for a brand to create an end-to-end view of customer data accrued over their journey in real-time
Why does it matter?

Business applications built on top of customer data can help brands differentiate among competitors and improve ROI

  1. Personalized service to customers 
  2. Targeted marketing campaigns that reach the right audience 
  3. Adapt to the changing tastes of customers
Where does status-quo fall short?

The nature of customer data has morphed from batched style to a stream.

  • Traditional databases cannot handle streaming data
  • Inability to process streaming data on the fly leads to delayed insights
  • Piecing together multiple components increases costs, complexity and adds delays
Ideal characteristics

An ideal customer 360 solution should be powered by a platform that can 

  • Handle real-time data with low latency 
  • Integrate with multiple sources and systems
  • Normalize different types of data formats
  • Access data history for more granular insights

Why Grainite? 

Current vendors in the market only provide pieces of the puzzle to ingest, process and store streaming data.  Grainite offers a converged platform that powers streaming data applications 

Ingest data from any source
Easily ingest both batched data from CRM systems and streaming data from mobile applications or customer support tickets
Generate insights in an instant
Offer real-time features like personalized recommendations, in-store discounts by leveraging native stream processing capabilities
Do more with less
Improve application delivery timelines and reduce spend on infrastructure by more than 30% by using a converged architecture

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