4 of 5 apps built this year
will be real time

Your customers demand real time value and features. Your internal stakeholders want real time insights into the business. Your backlog of applications continues to grow.

Real time applications are hard.

Hard to Build

Piece together 6-10 different distributed systems with different APIs and scaling characteristics

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Hard to Operate

Managing many different clusters, each with their own failure modes. The products themselves are tightly coupled; failures in one means that the pipeline comes to a grinding halt.

Hard to Observe

No way to observe what the application is doing. Sure you can tell that the queues are busy, or that there is a backlog in processing - but can you tell why?

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Grainite makes building real time applications
drastically simpler.

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About Us

We are operating in stealth mode at the moment, and working with some early design partners towards getting our product ready for production.  Our engineering and go-to-market teams come from some of the leading internet, storage and data companies, and have built many of the large scale distributed systems in popular use today. 


Ashish Kumar
Co-founder & CEO

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Previously led database, hardware, ads and tools teams at Google. Led various teams at software Startups and Sun Microsystems before Google. 


Abhishek Chauhan
Co-founder & CTO

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Previously VP Tech at Citrix - CTO / Chief Architect for Netscaler. Led various teams at software startups, Sun and Microsoft before Citrix.


We are located at 2901 Tasman Dr Suite 210, Santa Clara, CA

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