Grainite has joined MongoDB.
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Effortless Real-time Data Transformation & Movement

Synchronize data between any data sources, applications or databases in an instant. Leverage a modern unified platform with sophisticated transformation capabilities and multiple pre-built connectors.

Get started with 2-way MongoDB replication in real-time.

Converged Streaming Application Platform

Grainite integrates message queues and event processing directly into a brand new streaming database. The result is the easiest and fastest way to move data, perform complex and stateful transformations, store and serve directly to downstream applications.

First-ever fully converged data integration platform

  • Real-time data sync using Change Data Capture (CDC) and other polling mechanisms. Say good bye to 5-minute batches
  • No more lost or duplicate events. Automatically scales with bursts of source changes
  • End-to-end data observability and monitoring

Powerful in-line stateful transformations

  • Easily handle business logic for custom transformations, joins, filtering, or lookups
  • Exactly-once processing with strongly consistent consumer and producer cursors
  • Real-time "n"-way sync across multiple sources and sinks 

Unified architecture for rapid iteration and deployment

  • Configure pipelines in minutes and add custom business logic with ease
  • Test on laptop or VM, deploy unchanged to production on any cloud
  • Developer friendly APIs and built-in monitoring console

Grainite can be deployed on any public or private cloud using Kubernetes

Public cloud

Deploy Grainite on any cloud of your choice


Deploy within your VPC and  manage it yourself

Grainite Managed Cloud

Deploy within Grainite managed VPC and  establish VPC peering to your environment


Fully managed service by Grainite. Coming soon

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