Building streaming data applications just got easier

Effortlessly build distributed real-time applications. Leverage a modern integrated platform, rather than stitching together multiple components

Converged Streaming Application Platform

Grainite unifies stream storage, stream processing and state storage into a single platform to expedite development of real-time applications

First ever fully converged platform with a single API and backend

Just bring your business logic. No more months-long wait to architect the infrastructure

Novel data store built for event streaming workloads

Get set, ready to go. Start making sense of data as soon as it arrives

Unified architecture for rapid iteration and deployment

Develop and test entirely on laptop, deploy to any cloud

Grainite can be deployed on any public or private cloud using Kubernetes

Public cloud

Deploy Grainite on any cloud of your choice


Deploy within your VPC and  manage it yourself

Grainite Managed Cloud

Deploy within Grainite managed VPC and  establish VPC peering to your environment


Fully managed service by Grainite. Coming soon

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